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Contact lenses are a popular and convenient alternative to spectacles either for occasional social or sporting activities or as the main form of vision correction.

Contact Lens Care and Norville Opticians

Norville Opticians deal with all of the leading contact lens manufacturers and have access to an extremely wide selection of contact lens designs and materials. Most prescriptions can be fitted with some type of contact lens.


If you would like contact lenses but have been told that you are unsuitable it is worth asking again as there are constant improvements in contact lens materials and the prescriptions for which they are available for.

Norville’s optometrists are experienced in fitting all types of contact lenses. With the time, equipment and resources available to them our professional staff can often provide suitable contact lenses when others cannot. Our superb aftercare service ensures the best of care for your eyes maintaining excellent vision and good ocular health.

Contact lens wearers require regular check ups in addition to routine eye examinations. Contact lens check ups are not covered by the NHS so if you normally have free eye examinations you will have to pay separately for contact lens appointments which we will typically need to see you for every six months.


We have various options on how to pay for contact lens appointments and these will be discussed with you when you come in.

Trying Contact Lenses For The First Time

If you have not worn contact lenses before you will need to have a contact lens fitting. This will include all contact lens consultations and all necessary aftercare to establish safe, comfortable, wear. This would usually consist of:

  • At the initial appointments your suitability for different types of lenses is assessed and a lens type is chosen according to your requirements for contact lens wear.

  • The appropriate lenses are inserted, the fit and vision is checked. You are taught how to remove and insert contact lenses.

  • After a week or two trialling the lenses you return to see the optometrist for a final assessment.

If due to any problem more appointments are required for the fitting they are still covered by the fitting fee which is between £75.00 and £115.00 depending on the lens type.

Before the fitting a current spectacle prescription is required. This should be within six months for school age children or within a year for adults. If you haven’t got an up to date prescription then you must have a sight test before booking the contact lens fitting.

What To Do If You Wear Lenses But Are New To Norville's

If you are currently a contact lens wearer but we haven’t seen you before then we will need you to bring with you to the appointment:-

  • Your spectacle prescription

  • Your contact lens specifications

  • The date of your last check up

  • Details of what cleaning solutions you use.

Types of Contact Lenses

We offer a great range of comfortable and easy-to-wear contact lenses from trusted suppliers including Johnson & Johnson Acuvue and CooperVision. Our dispensing team will advise which is best for you and your lifestyle as well as meeting the needs of your prescription.

The types of contact lenses we offer include:

  • Single vision

  • Mulitfocals

  • MiSight Myopia control contact lenses. These daily contact lenses from CooperVision are proven to slow the progression of Myopia in children.

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