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Our Aftercare Service

The attention that we give you doesn’t stop when you’ve collected your spectacles.

As well as being experts on frames and lenses our qualified dispensing opticians can give advice on minor eye complaints such as dry or irritated eyes. You can call on us anytime for a range of free services such as:

  • Adjustment of fit of spectacles

  • Screws tightened

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Replace nose pads

  • Replace tips

  • Minor repairs

  • Advice on sunglasses

  • Advice on lighting

  • Advice on magnifiers for general or specialist purposes

If you are not a patient of ours or purchased your spectacles elsewhere then there may be a charge for these services.

Looking After Your Spectacles

There are also number of things that you can do to help keep your spectacles in good condition to save you needing to visit us too often.

  • Always keep your spectacles in a case, ideally a hard case. Soft cases are smaller and more convenient to carry around but spectacle frames can still be damaged when in a soft case if the case is sat on or squashed when in a bag for example.

  • Don’t lay the spectacles face down on the lenses; you may scratch them.

  • Clean your spectacles with a microfibre cleaning cloth and cleaning spray. Other materials and particularly tissue paper can be quite abrasive and can damage the lenses. Cleaning the spectacles when wet, with a cleaning spray will loosen any bits of grit that may be stuck on the lens so that you are not grinding it in with a dry cloth. It is safer to use a cleaning spray than any household detergents as they may damage the coating.

  • Try to take your spectacles off with both hands. Taking off with one hand can pull on the joint and cause the side to splay and become loose. The same applies to putting your spectacles on top of your head.

  • The more delicate looking the frame the more delicate it is likely to be. Fine frames and particularly rimless require more care.

  • Keep a spare pair. Even if you look after your spectacles perfectly accidents can happen or a screw work loose and if you rely on your spectacles then being without a backup can be quite debilitating. A previous pair of an older prescription may keep you going for a few days, but check your vision through them occasionally to ensure that you would be happy with the vision should your current ones break. Bear in mind our half price second pair offer which you can take advantage of up to six months after the original purchase and can include putting lenses into an old frame as a back up.

Children's Spectacles

Everything above applies also to children’s spectacles although the likelihood of a child heeding all of the advice may be less. Children’s spectacles will become twisted and broken more often than adults. Don’t worry, we expect to see children regularly for adjustment particularly with their first pair. NHS repair vouchers will often cover the cost of any major repairs.

Major Repairs

If your frame is to break then quite possibly it can be repaired inexpensively. Most breaks on metal frames can be successfully soldered and sprung hinges can be repaired. Titanium frames can also be fixed although the cost of repair can be greater. Plastic frames can’t generally be repaired although a replacement of an individual broken part may be possible.

The only cure for scratched lenses is, unfortunately, replacement of the lens.

If the spectacles are beyond repair then it is worth checking your household insurance as spectacles are often covered. Some insurance companies may seek to direct you to a certain optician for a replacement but you do have the choice to go to the opticians that you prefer.

Faulty Spectacles

Faults can occur in spectacles either in the frame or possibly the coatings that are applied to the lenses. If you suspect that your coating is coming away or that your frame has broken due to a fault then it is important that you return to us as soon as possible.

Normally frames are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for a year (not against accidental damage) and reflection free coatings are usually guaranteed for two years. If you return the spectacles to us after the time period even if the fault occurred earlier we may not be able to return it under guarantee.

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