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Sports Eyewear from Oakley

Inspired by a generation of athletes who have pushed their sport further together, Oakley are industry leaders in sport eyewear.

Whatever your sport, you're guaranteed to find something to meet all of your sport and leisure needs.

Oakley eyewear features high performance lens technology and you can even make them custom to you!

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Sports Eyewear

When visiting an optician most people are concerned with the health of their eyes and that they can see clearly for driving, television and reading, but often do not realise that we can also help with other more specific hobbies or pastimes. Many people participate in some sort of sporting activity, all of which place a different stress on your vision. Here are just some where we can help.


Wrap around sunglasses are ideal for cycling as they cut out light from all directions and help to protect the eye from dust/insects/etc. Tints have also been developed that should make the rapid transition from light to shade, such as cycling in woodland, more comfortable.

Field Sports

A high contrast tint could be helpful for many field sports.

Cycling with sports frames


Each instrument and circumstance of playing will have different visual requirements, generally involving looking at something somewhere between the distance and reading areas of bifocal or varifocal lenses. A pair of glasses which give clear vision at the required distance(s) will make music playing easier and more enjoyable.

Piano Player


Dennis Taylor famously wore snooker spectacles and if you play seriously you should find they help your game if you require a prescription.

Contact Lenses for Sport

Contact lenses are often the best answer for many sports for safety and comfort reasons. Dailly disposable lenses are perfect for this purpose.


Diving masks can be made to your prescription, even with bifocals.


If you wear bifocals or varifocals then you may find that the reading area interferes with your vision when addressing the ball so a single vision distance lens or a golf spot bifocal may prove more appropriate. Adidas make sunglasses that can help you follow the flight of the ball and see the contours of the green more clearly. These can be supplied with or without prescription.

Golf Partners


As well as the type of sun spectacles being important there are specific spectacles developed for shooting.


Swimming goggles can be made to your exact prescription for as little of £59.95 or there are ready-made prescription goggles for as little as £30.

Contact Sports

Are probably better served by contact lenses than anything else although there are spectacles that, should you have to wear them, have the necessary impact resistance and padding to keep your eyes safe.


Various specialist magnifying glasses are available to help in embroidery work.


If your are at altitude then the glare and dangers from UV can be extreme and specialist sunwear would protect and provide visual comfort.


Skiing goggles are available with a prescription.


More eye injuries occur in squash than any other sport and eye protection should be worn whether you need a prescription or not.

Swimming while wearing goggles


Safety spectacles with reinforced lenses and side shields will not only protect your eyes they will also stop your best pair of glasses from getting damaged.

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